By injecting alkaline brine and a catalyst in a continuous tubular reactor, 99% of CO2 is mineralized to a usable stable solid, which also can be safely stored permanently.

The technology has been developed over several years, and is tested, proven and patented.

We are now optimizing our technology and process solutions through pilot testing, to reach Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL7).

Captico2 has recently signed a contract with Citec Norway AS, a renowned engineering company with more than 30 years’ experience within large and small scale process plants worldwide within a variety of process industries.

Citec has been involved with Carbon capture technologies since 2016, and has gained considerable experience in the field.  

Our collaboration with Citec, will help us reach TRL7 (Technology Readiness Level 7), and further optimize our technology and process solutions. Read more about Citec at

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