Fabrication start for TRL7 test rig on January 21, 2022

CAPTICO2 is proud to announce that we have reached an important milestone today, 21 January 2022, with placement of the order for fabrication of our TRL7 test rig.

The TRL7 (Technology Readiness Level 7) test rig consist of four 20 feet containers for easy transportation and flexibility of placement near flue gas stacks.

We have informed our first customer Enea Energy, Poland, that we are on schedule with our plan to execute the TRL7 test in Q2-2022, followed by a Front-End Engineering and Design study for the first full-scale CCUS modules in Q3-2022.

We are working closely with our collaborative partner, Interfield Software Solutions, to make sure all components for the TRL7 test rig will be ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) reported.